HTC Leo – Dual Screened Clamshell Spotted. WinMo 7 Chassis and Snapdragon Inside?

HTC Leo - MockThe HTC Hero was only launched in London a few weeks ago but news of another HTC smartphone is being whispered about on the interwebs.

The name: HTC Leo.

Could this be the HTC Firestone under a more astrological name?

The twin-screened Leo seems to share more DNA with a DSi than a mobile and, according to the tipsters’ report on WMPoweruser, its specs are a little out of the ordinary as well.

The WVGA main screen is nothing new but the HTC Leo will sport a second QVGA screen on the outside of its clamshell swankiness.

This would mean that you wouldn’t have to open up the Leo to watch a video or read email.

The tipster also claims the HTC Leo supports Open GL 2.0 graphics, hinting at the speedy Snapdragon processor inside the Toshiba TG01, and potentially even Windows Mobile 7 chassis specs.

Well, it’s been about 4-5 years since HTC dropped a clamshell blower in our laps so could the Leo be the one?

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