HTC Bliss Mobile Phone Stereotypes Women – Bringing Sexist Back

As a bloke I can see the funny side of Verizon and HTC’s joint venture – I just hope, for their sakes, that the ladies in the house have a sense of humour…

Android loving HTC and Verizon have their sights on the smartphone carrying females in the 20-40 bracket.

The result of their no doubt exhaustive research culminates in the HTC Bliss.

The HTC Bliss comes in a green-grey colour which should go with most oufits and is equipped with a non-slip rubber back. The device itself will be “about a half centimeter thinner than the Desire Z”.

Ladies apparently don’t like video-calling as the Bliss only has one camera – and that’s round the back.

So far, so good – but it’s the apps on the HTC Bliss which makes the phone fem-centric.

Shopping and calorie counting are obviously high on the list for busy women and, in order to bring a little ease to their lives, the background is wrapped in “calming” device wallpaper which may or may not be Sense-based.

HTC also realise that it’s all about the accessories with you gorgeous creatures.

Well ladies – you get a charm indicator, wireless charging dock with built-in speakers, a matching Bluetooth headset and in-car square-shaped speakers that attach to a car visor and support voice recognition.

Charm indicator?

This special charm hooks to the Bliss like any other pointless mobile phone dangler, but this actually sounds a but useful. You see, it lights up to indicate when you have a new message waiting or a missed call. The actual design and concept was designed around a problem that all you women have: Not being able to see/find your phone in the dark pit that is your handbag! Obvious really isn’t it?

See – get the HTC Bliss and then you will have nothing to worry your pretty little heads about 😉

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