HTC #BeBrilliant Marshmallow event announced

HTC One A9 MarshmallowCatching up on my emails after a few days off it appears that HTC has announced a new event which could point to the official outing of the company’s HTC One A9.

HTC is hosting an event that’s set to take place at 17:00 on October 20th.

The announcement simply says #BeBrilliant and includes a background of some rocks.

My email is tagged with the teaser:

Meet the new Marshmallow from HTC”

This can only mean that whatever HTC is due to release it will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

As for what HTC might be planning to show at this event, it seems likely that we could finally see the official reveal of the HTC One A9.

This phone, also known as Aero, has been leaked pretty heavily over the last few weeks and, by all accounts, will be a mid-range phone in a premium body. That may not be super-exciting to folks that want a new HTC flagship, but if the One A9 offers an attractive build at an affordable price, it could be a strong seller for the company.

Well, we don’t have long to wait anyhow.

Tune in to the live stream of the announcement here: