HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre and PC’s meet Death’s Scythe

As The Sun might say “Cor! What a Shocker!” – Hewlett Packard has announced that it is retiring the TouchPad, Pre mobile phones along with its webOS software.

HP is basically pulling out of the phone and tablet markets altogether.

The almost tear-jerking statement from HP says that they intend to “discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones”.

This must’ve been a tricky decision as I had only just read about their plans for new mobiles (Pre 3 and Veer) as well a white lacquered 64GB TouchPad and its 4G version – I’m guessing that these will never reach their full potential now.

Whenever I played with the TouchPad I always found it an enjoyable experience – I was waiting for a long term test device to be delivered. I guess that’s not going to happen now.

HP are still looking to shove webOS into other bits of tech. webOS chief Stephen DeWitt told the Wall Street Journal that HP is looking to use the multi-tasking OS into home appliances and cars, which he claims has already garnered a huge interest from manufacturers keen to get started on a number of projects.

This is not where the woes end though. Hewlett Packard is also selling off its Personal Systems Group, which makes PCs!

HP is/was one of the world’s biggest computer companies, selling 1 million printers and 48 million PCs every year. I’ve only just returned one of their Pavilion dv7 review laptops.

According to HP, its Personal Systems Group (PSG) is worth $40 billion in annual revenues. The PSG includes personal computers, technical workstations, WebOS-powered tablets and smart phones, as well as personal storage solutions.

HP must know something about the consumer market trends to pull out when it has a quoted 300 million people using their mobile handsets.

Perhaps HP is just playing the role of shrewd realist. The mobile market is pretty chocker right now with a pair of manufacturers taking the lion’s share of the pie: Apple makes the most money and is well supported by apps, developers and strong marketing where as the other player, Google Android, shifts the most units and with the Big G recently buying Motorola HP probably had to face facts.

It is certainly going to be an interesting next few months. Who will be the next to face the chop? Will it soon be curtains for Nokia’s MeeGo, RIM’s BlackBerry and QNX operating systems or will Windows Phone feel the pinch?

Good night webOS – rest in peace 🙁

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