HP Voodoo Firebird Gaming Machine is Priced

hp_firebirdI was pretty interested when I read the news of the HP Firebird 803 release.

A small form gaming desktop with Voodoo innards.

But now that I know that it will cost the not so small form $1,799  for the entry-level Firebird 802 I’m a little less interested.

Granted, I shouldn’t have been so surprised as the Blackbird 002 cost around the $3 grand mark.

I think that the price is a little cheeky as it’s not really that upgradable and the spec isn’t that awe-inspiring to be honest.

But if you’re still after a gaming machine that doesn’t take up most of your room – well pencil in the date of January 9th, or you can wait for the boxes to hit unnamed retail outlets in February.