HP TouchPad Resurrection Show – TouchDroid has Android Plans

If the death of the HP TouchPad brought a tear to your eye then this resurrection story may put the smile back on your face.

The webOS tablet which has been given its last rites could reappear with a new identity. Just like a Bobby Ewing shower scene the HP TouchPad may come back to life with new software.

If some dedicated developers get their way project TouchDroid will pump the TouchPad with Android goodness.

The four strong team of Thomas Sohmers, Frankie F, John Hale and Jacob Bell has already got a website up looking for donations to the cause and has outlined how they plan to turn the webOS device into a member of the Android massive.

The TouchDroid plan is to get Android Gingerbread running on the HP TouchPad but would like to get Honeycomb slipped on it after not too long and then, ultimately at the moment, is to give the once webOS device a dollop of Android Ice Cream Sandwich once the tablet/smartphone combo OS arrives.

You can follow the group’s progress at the link below.

Perhaps now’s the time to swipe a discounted TouchPad and await the Android injection 😉

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