HP TouchPad out in June not April – webOS Tablet Wait

If the iPad 2 isn’t doing it for you and you’d like to give webOS a fair crack of the whip then you’re in luck!

Leo Apotheker, CEO of HP, has stated that their TouchPad, the webOS packing iPad 2 botherer, will be out in June.

That’s a tad later than the expected April TouchPad touchdown – especially as Amazon has had a placeholder for the TouchPad since the start of this month.

The HP TouchPad is rocking a 9.7-inch capacitive Gorilla Glass display running at 1024 x 768-pixel. Under the hood rumbles a dual-core Qualcomm CPU with a dedicated graphics processing unit and it will play nice with a variety of video formats.

The TouchPad will be available in 16 and 32GB versions with a 3G model following after the initial launch.

Apotheker also says that webOS will land on PCs later this year.

The HP TouchPad will arrive in June alongside the HP Pre 3 and the HP Veer. HP’s Leo Apotheker confirmed its ETA and promised some further interesting webOS products this year.

Apotheker declared that webOS PCs are on the cards for later this year with a full rollout in 2012.

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