HP TouchPad 4G is Faster and Available in Time for School

HP has just gone all official with the new version of their webOS-packing TouchPad tablet.

OK – the ‘old’ version has not even celebrated 2 full weeks of release but the TouchPad 4G, has one major difference. Guess what that is foks…

Yup – the touchpad 4G is loaded with 4G network tech!

The new model boasts HSPA+ speeds as well as being hooked up with a faster 1.5GHz processor and 32GB of storage.

The ‘old’, let’s call it the ‘original’, HP TouchPad in comparison is a Wi-Fi only slate although 3G models have been spotted online.

There’s no word as to if or when the UK will get to see a mobile network-friendly HP TouchPad. Prices of the 4G version have yet to be announced but it will land on the AT&T network for back to school time.

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