HP Omni 27 HD all-in-one PC with Beats Audio and Quad-core Power

All-in-one PCs are the mainstay of designer offices and for those that have their desktop puter in the main room of their home. The HP Omni 27 PC ticks all the right boxes thanks to quad-core power and Beats Audio.

The HP Omni 27 looks great and follows the iMacs in ignoring the current trend to whack on touchscreens on all-in-ones.

HP have managed to shoe-horn quite a spec list into the minimalist design of the Omni. Powered by an Intel quad-core processor it runs Windows 7 and packs 2TB of RAM – all of which is squeezed into that stylish 27-inch 1080p display.

The ‘body’ of this designer PC is able to tilt up to 25 degrees and is where you’ll find the Beats Audio tech.

HP will be parading this lovely at CES 2012 but we can expect it being released on/around February 20th and will cost in the region of £760.

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