HP Envy x2 hybrid tablet laptop

HP Envy x2With an ever growing number of gadgets available we all appreciate devices that can perform more than one task. Look at your smartphone – digital camera, video and audio recorder, browsing device, email device, as well as being able to make and send calls and texts. With the HP Envy x2 it doubles as a tablet and Windows 8 notebook.

You could look at the Envy x2 as a notebook where the screen comes off and can be used as a tablet or, a tablet with an optional keyboard that also functions as a docking station.

This docking station offers extra connectors and a second battery. Which sounds much more useful, doesn’t it?

The main difference between the Envy x2 and a regular laptop, except that the display is meant to detach from the keyboard, is the fact that all the gubbins (CPU, memory, and storage) are loaded in to the screen portion of the machine.

All the keyboard has is… well… a second battery and some ports. Which makes it more of a keyboard dock that gives some extra usage time.

The docking base features a full-sized “island style”, or chiclet, keyboard and good-sized trackpad.

Connectivity via the keyboard includes a full-sized HDMI connector, USB 2.0 ports, and a combo headphone/microphone jack, and a slot for an SDcard.

The HP Envy x2 is equipped with a bright, vivid, 1366 x 768 resolution, 11.6-inch HD Touch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio – this is the bit that can also be used separately as a tablet.

That extra screen real estate is great for watching movies and browsing the web.

As you’d expect from a notebook, there’s a front-facing camera, the X2 has an HP TrueVision 1080p HD webcam. As the Envy X2 is also a tablet, it has the advantage of packing a rear-facing 8.0MP camera which includes a flash and takes good quality stills and video.

As well as capturing and playing great visuals, this clever device also delivers fantastic audio thanks to Beats Audio.

Storage is supplied via a speedy SSD drive in the tablet-end. There are two versions, one with a 64GB drive and one with 128GB.

There is also a microSD slot in the tablet should you require extra space and you can, of course add an external drive to the keyboard base via one of the USB slots.

The tablet also offers Bluetooth and NFC (near field communications) support, so you can easily sync data with a cell phone or other tablet or use Bluetooth peripherals like headphones or a portable mouse.

With any gadget you’re using out-and-about, battery life is a crucial consideration. With the HP Envy X2 you get an exceptional 7-8 hours when connected to the keyboard base.


Sleek and thin with a stylish aluminium finish, an 8.0 MP camera, 1080p Full HD resolution, bright touch display, latest OPS – the HP Envy x2 is designed to suit your style and go wherever you do. And because it’s super light, you can take it everywhere without thinking twice.

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