Hozelock Cloud Controller garden tech

cloud-controller-and-hub-hozelockIt seems to be a week for garden-based tech. Following on from my visit with Stihl‘s compact cordless range, Hozelock has been in touch to tell me about their app connected watering solution.

If you’ve never heard of Hozelock then, chances are, you’ve never watered a garden. This company are pretty much *the* hose and general watering specialists.

Their solutions for keeping your Clematis moist and Hydrangeas hydrated are clever but, perhaps, not techie enough for you lot here. Well, that is about to change.

Connected gardening

Hozelock have just announced that they are really bringing gardening up-to-date.

Cloud Controller

What is bound to be the star of the new range is the aptly-named Hozelock Cloud Controller.

Pair this gadget up with your smartphone and app and take remote control of your hosepipe.

hozelock-cloud-controllerThe kit is powered by a low-power, long-range radio that connects to your network. This then allows you to turn on the watering at any time, or schedule it for regular dousing.

It can even plug in to local weather data and change the watering pattern accordingly.

Cloud Controller price and availability

The Cloud Controller and hub is priced at £114.99 and available right now!