How to Get Your UK iPhone 4

Ok – now that we’re over the shock of getting iPhone 4 at the same time as our American cousins on June 24th, how do we actually get our mits on one?

Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U have already launched pre-registration pages for the newest Apple blower and O2, Orange and Vodafone will be handling the network side.

O2 says it will offer a special upgrade package to people still on contract, but that’s as much as they’ll say at the moment. You can also add your postal address so that they can slip you a microSIM before the phone comes out so that you’re ready. The other interesting thing I saw whilst snooping the site is the O2 recycle deals. They’ll hand you £198 for a iPhone 3G 16GB? Sounds fair to me.

The pricing so far is $199 (£137) for the 16GB version and $299 (£207) for the 32GB version but don’t count on a straight cash conversion. Usually Apple just change the $ to £ so I’m expecting to fork out around 300 notes on the 32GB beauty.

Are you tempted?

Let me know.

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