How much will does it cost to wrap up a house or any other gift?

gift wrap calculatorI’ve have just braved Oxford Street today (yeah, I know) and will be completing the remainder of my Christmas shopping safe and warm, online. But, if you happen to have loads of money perhaps you are planning to buy your friend a car or a house. The thing is, just how much wrapping paper will it take to make them in to a lovely gift?

Just in case you are in a position to buy someone a house for Christmas you’ll probably be interested to know that it will take about £860 worth of paper in order to wrap a typical 2,000 square foot dwelling.

If that seems too much, you’ll be glad to know that the handy calculator also lets you opt for newspaper or aluminium foil as cheaper alternatives.

For those of us that are still living in the really, real world there’s also a calculator that will help you work out how much wrapping a jewelry box or shoe box and the like will cost.

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