How to Fix Your iPhone 4S Battery Problem

OK, so some people are getting a bit of aggro from their iPhone 4S battery life or, rather, lack of it. Here’s how to fix it.

Looking at the feedback this battery issue seems to be annoying quite a number of people who went out and bought the latest iPhone.

Apple says that where the iPhone 4S’s battery may get slurped more in some areas it gains in efficiency in others, and should therefore be about the same in longevity as the iPhone 4.

Even though the iPhone 4S is more powerful than the iPhone 4 thanks to that A5 processor when you look at the battery performance of the iPad and iPad 2 it seems that the A5 chip is no more thirsty than the A4.

The only major difference between 4 and 4S appears to be iOS 5…

This could well be the fly in the ointment as iPhone 4 owners who have updated to the new OS have noticed a change. Thankfully though, this glitch can be easily remedied.

Thanks to the detective skills of Oliver Haslam the culprit for the iPhone 4S battery issue has been tracked down to an element in the Location Settings menu.

Apparently the issue stems from the “Setting Time Zone” function – this clever thing adjusts the time on your iPhone when you move between time zones.

Unfortunately, your poor iOS5 loaded iPhone is told to constantly scan just in case you hop over to a different time zone! All this scanning will continually work the phone and so the battery gets leeched.

In theory then – nipping over to the Setting Time Zone option and flicking the toggle to off should increase the battery life of your iPhone 4S – until there’s an update you’ll just have to remember to update the time when you go abroad; you jet-setter you! 🙂

Give it a whirl and let me know if it’s made a difference!

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