Honor 10 – huge updates to GPU and camera

Honor 10 GPU TurboStrap yourself in Honor 10 owners as you are about to get double-tapped right in the updater.

Honor is winding up to deliver two major upgrades to the Honor 10. These will start to roll out from August 3rd.

If you have had your ear to the ground you might be aware of the revolutionary GPU Turbo. I have had the beta of this hardware-software integration and graphics processing technology and it is well worth having, believe me.

Also coming atch ya, like Cleopatra, is the much needed Automatic Image Stabilisation (AIS) enhancement to minimise blurring and stabilise photo and video capture.

This is something we pointed out in our Honor 10 review.

Honor 10 updates

GPU Turbo

Honor 10 GPU Turbo updateIt is probably no surprise to find out that the GPU Turbo guarantees fast performance speeds. Additionally, it also addresses the common performance issues that plague the mobile gamer’s user experience.

Honor 10 GameBenchThis innovative hardware-software integration solution dramatically increases the graphics processing power. Furthermore, it boosts the average frame rate to the fullest possible rate.


Honor 10 updatesAs well as the GPU Turbo update, the Honor 10 will receive an AIS software upgrade.

The image enhancement tech minimises blurring and compensates for device shake while capturing photos and video.

Within 0.2 seconds, the software detects if the device is handheld with 98% accuracy and automatically sets the exposure and framing using AI scene recognition.

Honor CEO initiative

Finally, on the back of these important updates, Honor plans to begin an exclusive testing program for Honor fans; namely the “Honor C.E.O.” initiative.

This beta testing program will only be available to Honor’s core group of fans and highly engaging online influencers with strong social networks. Yup, even GadgetyNews.

Honor will recruit technically-minded users who specialise in four areas: unboxing, gaming, ID design and AI photography, and those who are happy to share their own experiences with Honor technology.

George Zhao, President of Honor, told us

We’re excited to push the GPU Turbo to our flagship device Honor 10, together with the AIS, this summer, bringing a big enhancement to not just the mobile gaming experience but to the Honor 10 AI camera.”

Look out for the update and let us know what you think. We really reckon you’ll be able to tell the difference.