Honda U3-X Portable Personal Mobility Omni-Directional Auto-Unicycle Prototype gets Promo Video

Cast your minds back to the futuristic self-propelled bar stool that his Honda’s U3-X Mobility Robot.

Its portability and ability to scoot you around effortlessly in any direction is pretty unique and makes the Segway look bulky and clumsy.

Honda has just released a new promo video on its official YouTube channel.

As well as sporting that clever omni-directional wheel system that was developed from Honda’s ASIMO robot project I now have more details.

The prototype weighs just 22 pounds, can stand by itself and features a foldable seat and retractable footrests. The company claims that the U3-X can run continuously for an hour on a single (lithium-ion) battery charge and can be recharged via a conventional 120-volt power outlet.

Here’s the English promo video – watch the girls scoot round the place and look slightly unsure about the whole thing 😉

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