Honda Miimo mower gets Type R and Fireblade sports models

Miimo Fireblade and Type RThe little Miimo robotic mower seems to always be up for a party. The nifty lawn-muncher was spotted dressed in Type R and Fireblade outfits in honour of Honda’s racing marques.

This year sees the 25th anniversaries of the Type R and Fireblade performance ranges.

The fully functioning special-edition Miimos have been created to celebrate a quarter of a century of Honda’s halo racing marques.

Miimo Type R

Miimo Type RIn trademark Championship White this prototype is blessed by the revered ‘Red H’ badge front and back. Furthermore, the Miimo Type R also features special bodywork.

Miimo Type R - rear viewAdditionally, the Type (mowe)R is utilises 32mm and 25mm stainless steel to create a scaled down version of the car’s triple exhaust system. Awesome!

Miimo Type R close up - 1Finally, with its black and white spoiler, black bumpers, and the Type R logo emblazoned down both sides, it looks ready to race. This is definitely my favourite version.

Miimo Fireblade

Miimo FirebladeThe Miimo Fireblade wears the famous red, white and blue tri-colour paint scheme and the ‘face’ of the iconic super sports bike.

Miimo Fireblade close up - 1I am digging how this is all topped off with the HRC (Honda Racing Corporation) logo.

If you’re going to do it, do it right

Both models were subject to their own custom paint job rather than a vinyl wrap.

However, the iconic graphics were made of specialist cast wrapping film. This was then applied and sculpted around the Miimo 520’s curves.

Miimo Type R Fireblade close upMiimo Type R’s spoiler was the biggest challenge. Due to its complex shape it required a malleable and waterproof material. Honda opted for high density foam board for this task.

The centre section was then wrapped in carbon fibre vinyl to match the Type R look.


In a further effort to replicate the finest detail of each model these special editions are lit.

The Fireblade model features 45 working LED head and taillights, whereas the Type R uses 40. These are all powered by USB power banks.


Introduced to the UK in 2013, Miimo is an autonomous lawnmower perfect for those wanting a beautiful lawn every day, but would rather not or cannot mow it themselves.

Self-charging, and powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, Miimo navigates the garden through an intelligent combination of controls, timers and real-time sensory feedback.

It stays where it needs to be thanks to a boundary wire installed under the ground or in the grass around the perimeter of the garden.

It cuts little and often. As it goes it leaves the tiny clippings to be dispersed into the lawn root system. This then acts as a natural fertiliser contributing to healthy long-term growth.


I really want my own Miimo Type R. I wonder if they’d hook me up with Type R-ing my little Honda Mobilio Spike?