Home recording: Vocal Booth Pro 2 released by Editors Keys

vocal booth pro 2Editors Keys today launch the Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2, a home recording tool that’s the answer to your home recording acoustic conditions and guarantees perfect home recordings every time.

Home recording is the best way for independent artists to get their music out there and is now more popular than ever, with people becoming incredibly creative and the range of software now more affordable than it’s ever been.

Getting electric instruments, such as guitars, basses and so on, recorded well is pretty straightforward – but for vocals that’s another matter.

Poor room acoustics has been the bane of home recording artists and small production companies for ages. The new Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 looks to eliminate this problem once and for all with a sound booth package that folds away for easy storage and transferring to another location.

vocal booth pro 2 foldThe new vocal booth comes complete with a heavy-duty floor stand as well as brand new desk stand adapters, which allow you to take the booth off the stand and place onto any desk for recording when seated – great for podcasts, for instance.

The booth creates an acoustic shield around the vocalist’s microphone, preventing both external sound sources (such as air conditioning, traffic or computer noise) entering the microphone, as well as preventing the performed vocals bouncing off the walls, back into the microphone.

“We talked to over 3000 recording artists and asked them what common problems they faced. Getting good quality vocals was the biggest problem, and was one of the main reasons otherwise great tracks, only sounded good at best.” said Mark Brown, company director of Editors Keys.com

The Vocal Booth Pro 2 is available now for £169.99 at editorskeys.com and comes with a lifetime warranty and a promise that if it doesn’t greatly improve your recording quality, the company will offer a full money back promise.

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