Home Draught: Hand-pulled in the Living Room and Garden

The BBQ and World Cup season is quickly approaching so we need something remotely gadgety to quaff from.

Say “mines a pint” to the lovely Home Draught (or draft in the states) system.

What you get is a ten pint plastic bottle of either Carling, Grolsch or Coors Light that has a little tap similar to those you get in a boozer.

In the tap is a CO2 cartridge which, when released, will keep the beer fresh and fizzy for up to 30 days. People keep beer in their homes for a month?

The CEO of Molson Coors, Mark Hunter, reckons that “Home Draught has the opportunity to revolutionise the way we enjoy beer at home by offering consumers a new way to enjoy their favourite beer brands. We’re confident that it’ll be a big hit with beer drinkers across the country.”

If anyone wants me to review one or more of these brands just get in touch – I have some very experienced testers 😉

They’re available at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Makro, Booths and Spar stores from next month and will apparently cost around £15-£20.

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