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Hive setYou know the saying “If you don’t like the British weather, just wait 5 minutes”? Well, with the deep freeze, then thaw, then lovely sunshine back to it being unkind to brass monkeys, trying to get the heating sorted is tricky at best. But when the weather is fairly warm when I leave for the office and then next minute there’s the second ice age I know my gaff is going to be freezing. If only there was a way to pump up the heating on my way home… This is where Hive comes in.

Hive was set up by British Gas in 2012 with a mission to revolutionise the way we control our homes. Using state of the art technology it has developed a range of innovative, simple-to-use products and services that help you sync your home with your life. The result is Hive Active Heating™ – a smart thermostat that is designed to let you control your heating and hot water remotely from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

I have to admit that I find very little about home heating sexy – home automation on the other hand. Now you’re talking!

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Hive cleverly adapts to life in your home and gives you more choice and, ultimately, more control. It lets you manage your heating and hot water no matter where you are. Even better is that it could save you around £150 a year – possibly more if you count the extra jumpers you’ve had to buy before! This will not only make your bank account happier but saving energy also means saving the environment.

It seems that the boffins behind Hive have thought of everything – even adding geolocation in to the deal.

This means that Hive can alert you when you’ve gone out and left your heating on, or when you’re returning home and the temperature’s set lower than you’d like. It’s optional to use and works with your mobile’s location services and wi-fi connection, all via the Hive iOS and Android app.

Hive even has an Automatic Frost Protection feature which helps prevent your pipes from freezing. Add to those all the regular things you’d expect from apps these days, such as graphs that show you the temperature inside your house over time, temperature alerts, schedule setting, etc then Hive does seem to be the perfect package.

Hive openThe package comes in rather snazzy packaging which, incidentally, it won an award for, along with a pair of Customer Experience awards, and contains the 4 parts needed (Reciever, Thermostat, Hub and the bits in the Welcome box) to hook up your home.

Hive kitHive is professionally installed by a British Gas engineer who will take care of everything at no extra cost. If you have a different gas supplier, that’s all good. British Gas will still do the business for you.
All that you’ll have to do is download the free Hive app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and away you go!

No more returning home to an ice rink or tropical heatwave – dial in the perfect setting for the day (or hour, for that matter). No longer come home from a training session to find there’s no hot water for a relaxing bath – get on the hot water boost when you’re on the home straight). Mark my words, this will become one of those things that you wonder how you managed without it.

Sounds great doesn’t it? You want one? Yup – you can get the full kit which normally goes for £199 for free by following some super simple instructions!


Congratulations to Angela! I have personally popped your Hive system in the post and it will be with you soon 🙂


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If you would like to give your home the Hive hook-up then all you have to do is:

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The nitty gritty:

  • Should you be the chosen one then you will get the very kit in the pictures – this will have been carefully opened by me but not installed or messed around with.
  • Winners will be chosen at random after the date for commenting closes which is 08/02/2015 Any comments placed after that date will not be included in the draw.
  • This giveaway is only available to UK readers.

This opportunity has been made possible thanks to the lovely people at Hive and Nuffnang.