Hive Quick Actions via Siri

Siri Now Handles Hive Quick Actions

Hive has announced Siri Shortcut integration with its smart home kit’s Quick Actions.

Hive and Siri Shortcuts is now a thing with the announcement that the Apple assistant now plays nice with the smart home brand’s Quick Actions.

Previously Hive users could set up Actions through the Hive app, allowing Hive devices to react automatically or work together through the push of a button. Now, Hive has provided its users with hands-free control of their homes with Siri Shortcuts.

Siri Hive Quick Actions

Whether you want to ramp up the heating, dim the lights for a movie, or switch everything off as you head out, you can now use any Quick Actions you have set up by merely asking Siri via your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Additionally, you can also access your Hive View camera live feed quicker than ever by asking Siri to open the camera screen and start streaming right away. Handy, if your spider senses are tingling when you’re away from home.

Adding Quick Actions to Siri

If you already have Quick Actions, tap on the one you’d like to use with Siri. OR If you don’t have any Quick Actions set up then you can find out morehere. After creating a Quick Action you’ll be asked if you’d like to add this Quick Action to Siri

The upgrade is available now. All you need is an iPhone and/or iPad using IOS 12 or later.