Hitachi Wooo H001 Mobile Phone with 3D Video Display

hitachi-h001So the new range mobiles from KDDI includes the expected multitude of 8.1 megapixel cameras, wide VGA displays, one-seg TV tuners, and possibly coffee makers knowing them!

One blower in particular does stand out, however: Hitachi’s Wooo H001.

The dual-hinge flip fone’s party piece is that it comes complete with a stereoscopic IPS display.

The phone will happily serve up 3D-ified versions of various UI elements and mobile TV content on its 845×480 resolution 3.1” screen and if you should start feeling a little motion-sick you can flick a switch to get back to the 2D norm.

The H0001 has a 5Mpix camera module with AF, supports microSD cards, 1Seg TV tuner, ewallet, VOD… at a size of 51 x 111 x 18.6 and weight of 145g.

It’ll launch in three colours (Red, Purple and White) in April over in Japan.


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