Hina – The Cutest Grinding Robotic Barista You’ll See Today! [ Coffee Fembot ]

hinaA video of Hina, a cute, tiny female robotic figure with bunches, is currently causing a sensation in the Japanese interweblogosphere.

Perhaps it’s because the cute fembot is undertaking domestic chores – most importantly brewing up some fresh coffee!

It shows Hina first grinding coffee beans, then brewing coffee before finally serving it to her master. And the little robot does it all by herself.

It has boggled my mind but I can safely say that the vid is the best thing you’ll see all day.

Hina features a total of 21 joints (6 in each arm, 4 in each leg and one in her neck).

The video was spotted on Japanese geek video portal Nico Nico Douga and I found it via Crunch Gear.

Check her out below in the Youtube clip 🙂

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