Hifi Pig and GadgetyNews Sound and Vision Show Bristol 2017 special

hifi pig extra and gadgetynews Sound and Vision The Bristol Show 2017 specialWhere can you get all the photos and coverage of this year’s Sound and Vision (aka The Bristol) show for free?

GadgetyNews and Hifi Pig have done it again.

In this Bristol Show special edition you will find all our show reports, The Clarity Alliance Award winners, The Hifi Pig Loves You Award Winners and, of course loads of photographs from the show.

Not to mention my very own take on the stand-out demonstrations, components and downright gadgety audio tech at the show.

My coverage can be found from page 34 to 43 😉

You could trawl through loads of other coverage of the show or pay for magazines but why bother?

Why not simply delve in to the Hifi Pig Extra and GadgetyNews Sound and Vision 2017 special for free?

So, what are you waiting for?