Hierarchy of Digital Distractions – Only Partner Closing Laptop on Your Fingers Trumps iPhone Usage

hierarchy_distractionsThis hierarchy may strike a chord with more than a couple of you Gadgety News readers – the picture will grow if you click it 😉

Emailing, tweeting, browsing, taking calls, Skyping, Facebooking, RSS Feed reading – In this diagram, each level in the hierarchy trumps the next.

For example: You get a new message on Facebook but then your landline rings; chances are that you’ll take the call. Granted – some may still be able to multitask but the thing is that you’ve taken that call and not ignored it.

That’s how the chart works – well, from the view point of David McCandless over at Information is Beautiful.

So – do you agree that the iPhone pretty much trumps everything else in the distraction stakes?

Let me know.

Thanks to Michelle for the email that contained a link to this hierarchy entitled “This reminded me of you”. Hmmmm……….


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