hField’s Latest Wi-Fire Increases Your Wi-Fi Range

Wi-Fire07hfield Technologies has just launched the latest generation of its Wi-Fire USB WiFi Adapter.

The new Wi-Fire is 40% smaller, and 30% lighter, but still delivers an extra punch over its predecessor, already the most powerful adapter on the market.

The Wi-Fire multiplies the effectiveness of any 802.11 b/g wireless networks and eliminates those nasty dead spots that plague users.

It allows users to connect to a WiFi network from up to 1,000 feet-more than three times the range of other 802.11 adapters-often at significantly higher speeds, and even in locations where no wireless signal could be detected previously.

The palm-sized Wi-Fire weighs in at a tiny 2.8 ounces.

Its portability and long range make it ideal for travelers and business people out in the field.

Wi-Fire retails for USD$59.00 and is available now at http://www.hfield.com/buynow and participating retailers.

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