HexBug Newtons – Collectable Robot Insects are Freaky

If ant-farms are a bit old hat, and you’re the type of person that enjoys freaking out their younger sister then here’s some gadgety creepy-crawlies that should fit the bill.

HexBug’s range has featured robotic ants and cyber crabs but now here’s their latest future-insect.

The HexBug Nano Newtons are small enough for you to see in the corner of your eye and have you reaching for a rolled-up newspaper.

They sprint around on rubber feet and go careering around the place like amphetamine crazed cockroach.

Their realistic movements go as far as being able to flip themselves back over if they end up on their backs.


The Newtons come in collectible test tube packages with various different genetic “mutations” (or colours to you and I).

Go to HexBug’s website and dish out $9.99

Check out the vid below and see one of the freaky habitats and the mentalist mini menaces!

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