Henty Wingman roll-up suit bag for executive cyclists

henty wingman unpackedLooking at how expensive some of the commuter bikes I see during the week, I can only imagine that some of those rucksacks and messenger bags contain a screwed up, yet not cheap, suit. Why not slip your two- or three-piece suit in a bag that has been designed to store your designer whistle whilst you ride on to work? I give you, the Henty Wingman.

The Henty Wingman is an innovative suit bag that is perfect for anybody that, let’s say, cycles to the office and maybe stops off at the gym on the way.

Unlike a conventional suit bag, the Henty Wingman rolls-up to become a compact back pack or satchel-style bag that can be carried comfortably on your back, and easily fits into a changing room locker (as well as the overhead locker of a plane too).

The Wingman has a main compartment for your suit jacket, shirt and trousers and/or dress (I’m not here to judge folks!), and on the outside there is a zipped pocket for carrying other essentials such as a small laptop, tablet or other gadgety goodness. This is also perfect if you choose to take the Wingman on your business as all those electronic devices and liquids which are required for security inspection can be easily retrieved so you won’t be holding up the queue behind you.

henty wingman riderThe bag has semi-rigid vertical ribs for minimising garment creases and comes with an extra bag, which fits inside the roll, for storing shoes and smaller items of clothing and toiletries.

The whole bag can then be enclosed in a waterproof cover to ensure that everything stays dry in bad weather.

The Wingman is compatible with the new Tube bag which is being launched at The Cycle Show, which is a high-performance, multi-compartment sports bag, and can fit inside the ‘roll’.

The Henty Wingman is available in a range of colours and can be bought from £119 from www.henty.cc, and it will be delivered to you in 2-3 days.

Check out this short video and see the magic:
[vimeo id=”95478613″]