Henge Docks Clique Marries your Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

apple Clique henge dockIf you want to bring Apple’s wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad together in perfect unity you need Clique from Henge Docks.

Henge Docks Clique Magic TrackPad and Wireless Keyboard Dock looks like an Apple Design product and will carefully accommodate your Mac’s keyboard and TrackPad.

Clique’s full tray designCLIQUE Setup allows the Magic Trackpad to retain full functionality on your desk and in your lap, and with Clique’s convenient power buttons there is no need to remove the keyboard or trackpad to access their power switches.

Just click (or Clique) those gorgeous bits of aluminium into the dock to create a single sturdy unit. The glossy white finish and light grey accents of the Clique blend seamlessly with the keyboard and trackpad. Clique’s minimalist form gives the combined Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad the factory-direct look and feel of a single device.

You can get your Clique on now from can snap one up right now for £25 from Amazon.

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