Helios iPhone telepresence robot [video]

Helios iPhone Telepresence RobotI love the idea of being able to be at work whilst staying at home or be in the studio but robots such as QB and TiLR are a little (a lot) too expensive for me. Helios, however, looks more like my kinda thing.

Helios will convert your iPhone in to a neat little telepresence droid and is looking for funding through Kickstarter.

Helios has been designed by Tian Long Wan, and has been created as an affordable and portable way to have your own Telepresence Robot.

Helios can be controlled via remote and is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4, 4S and 5 smartphones and will run through its own companion iOS application.

To control Helios all you’ll need is a browser and Internet connection.

“Helios isn’t simply about connecting, it’s about strengthening your meaningful but distant relationships. Helios’ transformative hardware and the accompanying app allows you to start changing how you interact, crafting your experiences and transforming your presence.”

Tian is expecting the RRP of Helios to be $120 but you can become an ‘early adopter’ and score one by pledging $99 now.

I’m certainly intregued about owning my own telepresence robot – not sure that my boss will allow me to be in the office virtually though 🙁

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