Heavy metal milkshake maker on tour

Big Bang Cymatics MilkshakeWould you prefer your cocktail shaken or moshed? Providing the ultimate drink remix is this milkshake maker powered purely by metal riffage.

The Big Bang Fair challenged a team of inventors, scientists and musicians to make a delicious beverage with music.

The result was the world’s first ever milkshakes mixed entirely with sound energy from live music.

The music-made beverages are not the result of mellow pop tunes, but the raw power of rock \m/\m/

Metal milkshake Big Bang CymaticsThe team involved soon discovered that they had greatest success in their musically moving milkshake endeavours by turning to powerful guitar riffs. To this end bands such as Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and even Blink-182 were drafted in.

To this end, bands such as Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon and even Blink-182 were drafted in.

Music moves

So, how does this work? Take one standard electric bass and a somewhat less standard amp/blender combo.

Heavy metal milkshake makerBringing together the worlds of education, science, music and kitchenware in a way never seen before, The Rock Music Milkshake Mixer (or the RM3 for short) has been created to mark registrations opening for The Big Bang Fair 2018.

The Big Bang Fair is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for young people in the UK.

So how does the RM3 work?

To make a delicious metal milk shake, first pour powdered milkshake and milk into the jug and screw the top on tight.

Next, plug in your axe (in this case a Warwick Vampyre by the looks of things), and prepare your plectrum. Now, riff out at max volume! Does this go to 11?
[youtube id=”aoL2znGF5P8″]
Now marvel as cymatics (that’s the visualisation of sound through a physical medium – in this case milkshake) allows you to witness the hard rock sound waves, emitted from the speaker, coming into contact with the milkshake mixture and vigorously vibrating it.

Soon enough, you’ll have a deliciously thick drink, made entirely through the power of sound energy.

The Blowfish

The RM3 was officially launched by The Blowfish to Year 7 students at Westminster Academy in London last week.

Incidentally, The Blowfish is the world’s only heavy metal marine biologist. One for the pub quiz I think.

The Blowfish commented:

Metal music and science are two of my biggest passions, so when I was offered the chance to launch the Rock Music Milkshake Mixer, it was an absolute no-brainer. I’m a big believer in finding new and innovative ways to get kids excited about science and the world around them. What better way of achieving that than by harnessing the epic power of rock music to make a tasty, delectable treat?”

Try a rocking shake

The RM3 will be on display, and free for guests to try out at The Big Bang Fair 2018.

This will take place at the NEC in Birmingham in March next year. For more information visit www.thebigbangfair.co.uk