headroom 2017 show highlights

pioneer-headphones-headroom-2017This time last week I was at headroom 2017. The headroom show is *the* place to get your hands and ears-on the latest portable audio kit.

It was time once again to see what the world of head-fi had to offer.

The setting, as always, was the famous Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, West London.

I really love this show for its intimate setting, brilliant range, and friendly staff and stall-holders.

headroom 2017 overview

As I attended The Bristol Show last month, and was fortunate enough to have already tested some of what was on offer at headroom. So I formulated a game-plan.

goldmund-tha2-and-akg-headroom-2017Well, I am sure that you don’t want keep on reading about the same kit.

headroom 2017 report

My headroom report has now been published on the wonderful Hifi Pig, our partner site focused on snoofling out the very best in Hi-Fi.

hifi-man-shangri-la-headphones-headroom-2017What can you expect to see and read about? Well, there were a number of UK and world debuts for a start.

I am confident that I have covered the affordable to the aspirational.

Brands mentioned

  • ACS
  • Chord Comapny
  • Focal
  • Goldmund
  • HiFiMan
  • Jays
  • Kef
  • Onkyo
  • Pioneer
  • Prism Audio
  • RHA
  • Tron

Head on over to Hifi Pig for the words and pictures.