Headroom 2016 starts this Friday

Headroom 2016 emotionAll things Head-Fi and portable audio will be on show this Friday and Saturday at Headroom 2016 in London.

Headroom was great last year and Headroom 2016 is shaping up to be even better!

It was the first time for Headroom 12 months ago and the venue, London’s famous Metropolis Studios, was rammed with a huge range of personal Hi-Fi gear – amps, DACs, headphones, earphones, in-ear monitors, cables – you name it, it was there.

As Metropolis uses PMC monitors in their rooms, the company had their huge BB5s looming in the bar area. Not exactly portable but really lovely.

New product launches at Headroom 2016

Headroom will be the ideal place to get your hands on first with great new audio devices such as:

  • Sennheiser HD 800 S reference-level headphone (£1,200)
  • Audiolab M-DAC+ (£799.95)
  • SHURE KSE 1500 sound-isolating electrostatic earphone (£2,199)
  • Arcam MusicBOOST headphone amp/DAC for iPhone (£120)
  • Questyle QP1R high-res portable music player DAP (£699)
  • Quad VA-One headphone amp (£1,399.95)
  • FOSTEX HP-A4 BL DAC/headphone amp (£379)

headroom manufacturersPlus Grammy award-winning engineers and Hi-Fi luminaries will be hosting presentations throughout the weekend and what’s more it’s all being held at Metropolis Studios, the most successful independent recording, mastering, creative and production facility in Europe.

Metropolis’ stunning Grade II ‘Power House’ complex has been the recording home to Michael Jackson; the Rolling Stones; Amy Winehouse; U2; The Clash; Madonna and so many more.

Headroom 2016 when?

Friday 30th January (doors open from 1pm until 7pm)
Saturday 31st January (doors open from 10am until 5pm)

Headroom 2016 where?

Metropolis Studios, The Power House, 70 Chiswick, High Road, London, W4 1SY

Tickets are still available from the Headroom website and under 15 year olds get in for free.

Look out for Hifi Pig and GadgetyNews coverage after the event!

Hope to see you there either at one of the stands or in the bar upstairs.