HB ring – feel your LDR lover’s pulse

HB pulse love ringsAh, modern romance. The world is getting smaller and, for many couples in long-distance relationships (LDRs), FaceTime and Skype are just a couple of ways that they can keep the fires burning. But nothing can replace physical contact. Resting your head against your partner and hearing their heartbeat. HB rings by The Touch could bring you closer.

Let’s face it, maintaining a romance with limited physical contact isn’t easy. LDR couples need all the tools they can get to cope with the distance. There have been some… errrr.. interesting tech solutions but this one you can openly wear in public.

The HB rings help close the distance as they actually let you feel another person’s heartbeat.

Created by The Touch, HB rings use an app, Bluetooth and internet access via your phone to connect you with your loved one. Users simply tap the ring to connect and they’re able to feel another person’s pulse in real time.

Vein of love

The HB Ring was inspired by the belief of Vena amoris. Vena amoris, Latin for “vein of love” (stop sniggering at the back!), is the traditional belief that this vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. This is the reasoning cited for western cultures placing the engagement ring and/or wedding ring on the fourth finger, or “ring finger”. This new device looks to build on this using the latest tech.

The Touch HB RingPulsing love ring

There is a real-time demo of the HB Ring on The Touch’s Facebook page. This shows how the rings light up with a uniform glow all around the ring. Apparently, this is a result of 2.5 years of development.

[youtube id=”Id0IQur1BDU”]

The rings are made from stainless steel or solid rose gold and have a crystal sapphire surface that prevents scratching.

This is all very good, being able to feel the presence of bae from across the miles. It could also help those who have loved ones in the military. Although, I suppose the opposite could be true too; imagine there being no pulse coming through. We all know that tech isn’t infallible, but this could give you a real scare. But, hey. That’s just me being a party pooper.

The Touch HB Ring price and availability

I have to admit, this is a really neat idea. Also, they rings actually look really nice. I really approve of the red light going around the centre.

At $300 per ring, it isn’t in the imPULSE purchase bracket but it’s nowhere as expensive as other engagement/wedding rings. It would be cool if it could also be used as a sports tracker when not hooking up with your partner’s beat.

HB rings are available for pre-order on The Touch‘s website.

Is this something you would consider? Let me know.