Have an Eclipse every day

td712zmk2ECLIPSE’s legendary range of high-performance TD (Time Domain) loudspeakers and subwoofers give music lovers the chance to enjoy The Whole of the Moon, or just The Darkside of the MoonMoon Shadows and even Walking on the Moon every day of the year.

Whether you are a Moonchild or just like to Bark at the Moon, ECLIPSE’s flagship loudspeaker, the TD712zMK2 (£6,500) combined with the recently launched flagship subwoofer, the TD725SWMK2 (£5,100), goes a step further, enabling audiophiles to experience a spine-tingling phenomenon even when there Ain’t No Sunshine.

The first thing that might strike you is the egg-shaped form of the speakers. Eclipse’s adoption of this shape is due to its rigidity and that it has no duplication of identical surface radius. The usual square-shaped box form causes sound waveform disturbance – hence way many studio monitors have angled edges. This form also controls internal standing waves and gives a diffraction effect long the edge of the speaker’s front panel, enabling more accurate reproduction of a sound waveform.

td712 and wooferI had a chance to listen to that very set up at The Sound and Vision Show in Bristol and, I can testify, they sound as great as they look.

And, about those looks. The retro-futuristic styling might not be to everyone’s taste but, personally, I love them. They also sound fantastic and are amazingly accurate. That’s probably why these speakers have won a slew of of UK and international awards.

td-m1If you’re looking to instantly brighten up you day but space is a premium, then there’s the wireless desktop home audio solution, the TD-M1 (£999), now with Android control, which is available from Apple Stores nationwide. Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size either.

Stay tuned as I hope to be getting more ear time with elements of the Eclipse range for review.