Hate Smudges on your Touchscreen? Mmmm..Latex!

PhoneFingersHere’s either a brilliant idea or just a totally weird one.

I’ve been known to be a bit precious with some of my tech and especially with my CD and Vinyl collection but I’ve never got to the stage where I’d snap on latex gloves before touching an album or picking up a UMD.

PhoneFingers, on the other hand (sorry), think otherwise. If you have a touchscreen phone (iPhone, PRADA, Touch, et al) and are fed up with your paw-prints being left on the screen well here’s the answer to your prayers.

The opposite to fingerless gloves in rubber they cost 6.90 Euros per pack and come in a range of sizes. No ribbed or lubricated ones yet though.

Can’t really say much else about them really.