Hasbro v Scrabulous

Scrabble LettersLet’s face it – it wasn’t going to be long before Scrabulous was hit by Hasbro for being a little to close to Scrabble.

It’s reported that a shutdown notice was sent two weeks ago,  although it’s still running for the time being.

Launched in  2006 as a standalone website Scrabulous is now the 9th most popular application on Facebook boasting over 2.3 million users with over 500,000 of them daily addicts.

Hasbro obviously has a strong legal case against the creators, the Agarwalla brothers, but they may also hurt the Scrabble name if they do ahead.

Hasbro recently licensed the digital rights of its games to EA but there is no official on-line Scrabble game to play still.   If they shut Scrabulous down that’s 2.3 million potential on-line Scrabble players that will be more than a little miffed.

We can hope that some kind of licensing deal is brought to the table – but we have to remember that in 2005, they shut down popular online Scrabble site, e-scrabble.

I’m not saying anything but have you tried WordBiz?  ;0,