Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 Bluetooth and NFC wireless speakers

Harman Kardon Nova blackHarman Kardon has a new addition to their range of wireless speakers, namely the Harman Kardon Nova 2.0.

The Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 pack a nifty stereo streaming system that apparently kicks out an extended bass response.

The first thing I noticed about the Nova 2.0 was its translucent spherical exterior which reveals the unique turbine housing of its woofer enclosure and the passive radiator that gives Harman Kardon Nova its “impressive bass response”.

The Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 wireless speakers offers users 40 Watts of power from performance-tuned 2.5-inch drivers and 1.25-inch tweeters and hook-up via Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) if your mobile is equipped with such.

Harman DSP for Improved Soundstage and Voicing – The Harman Kardon Nova is a custom-tuned speaker system with a proprietary Harman DSP developed specifically for the Nova’s drivers and tweeters. These work in tandem to deliver improved depth of soundstage, along with overall imaging. The results speak for themselves – jaw-dropping levels of realism added instantly to your listening experience.”

Harman Kardon Nova whiteThe new Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 wireless speakers have been designed to be compatible with analogue, optical, or Bluetooth wireless and have NFC support so that they are able to provide an all-in-one home audio solution for users and even includes a 3.5mm connector to support wired hardware as well.

For mobile users all you have to do is download the Harman Kardon Remote app for your iOS or Android device and then stream your music collection from anywhere on your network to a Harman Kardon speaker in any room of the house. The app also simplifies product setup and gives you control of product specific features for full wireless control.

The Harman Kardon Nova 2.0 will hit you up for £260 from their own website.

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