Happy 5th Birthday Firefox! Mozilla Browser Keeps Growing

mozilla-firefoxIt’s hard to believe that 5 years has flown by.

But it was back in 2004 when the not-for-profit Mozilla, then with 12 employees and a handful of volunteers decided to take on Microsoft in the battle of the browsers.

Flash-forward to now and that same company has a 23% worldwide market share and has even overtaken IE usage in more than a dozen countries.

Firefox is to be thanked for the likes of tabbed browsing, integrated search engines and browser add-ons. Bless its little furry paws!

President of Mozilla Europe,Tristan Nitot, said to Sky News that the company’s initial mission to ensure browser “freedom” remained the same and added: “applications like a browser are a set of instructions put together by a developer. It does a lot on your behalf and you lose a lot by delegating this. It’s extremely important to remain in control.”

Don’t take this as ‘job done’ for Mozilla and Firefox.

Over the last couple of months another 30 million users have joined in the Firefox joy and Mozilla also has plans to slip into your pocket.

The new new mobile browser is still in Beta at the moment but be ready to see Fennec as often as you see Firefox starting next year 🙂

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