Hanebrink Hustler X5 – the 80mph, 200 mile electric street racer you don’t need a license for

hanebrik hustler x-5Check this racer out. Looks pretty sporty huh? What if I told you that this speedster could not only squirt you 200 miles on a single charge, reach 80mph and can also be propelled by pedal power? This is the Hanebrink Hustler X5.

Hanebrink has released four models of bicycles, including the X5, which is the sportiest looking of the lineup.

The 120-pound X5 is equipped with the latest tech which wouldn’t be out of place on a full track bike.

The Hustler boasts a dual suspension monocoque chassis built from aircraft-grade aluminium tubing.

The suspension has 177mm of travel to keep the ride smooth, while Avid hydraulic front brakes and Brembo four-piston brakes at the rear bring it to a safe stop.

Hanebrink says, “Optional adjustable offset triple clamp forks allow the rider to adjust for corner entry reaction from very quick to very stable, or anywhere in between.”

Power comes from the four lithium-ion liquid-cooled batteries which are hidden away in a weather-proof box.

Hanebrink claims that you’ll get 200+ miles of travel on a single charge and that the 14-speed transmission (yes, 14!) lets you wind it up to a top speed of around 80mph. Plenty enough for the commute.

hustler x5 pedalsWhen the juice runs out you can use your spare change to turn the fasteners and remove part of the fairing and pop out the pedals.

Yup – you might look a little ‘eccentric’ pedalling a sports motorbike but at least you’ll be able to get to a charging point quicker than pushing or scootering the X5.

Even better news, if you haven’t passed your CBT or any other driving test, according to Hanebrink, “the benefit of a legal electric bicycle is, of course, that it does not require registration, drivers license, or special motorcycle permit, etc. and can be operated where motorcycles are not permitted.”

Cunning, eh? 😉

The X-5 does carry a potent price point of $16,940, but order now and you could receive your new bike by March. Just slightly slower than Google getting your Nexus 4 to you.

If you want a more stripped down ride, there’s always the Elmoto HR2.

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