Hands on With The Nokia E63 QWERTY Phone

e63I have been sent a gloriously blue Nokia E63 from the lovelies over at WOMWorld – I’ve had to wrestle a Chelsea fan to get it back off him so that I could have it to review!

If you cast your mind back I had a tinker around with Nokia’s E71 and E66 and actually got to take the E71 home.

I enjoyed the E71 and once I got the hang of the QWERTY (I owned a N95 at that point) I found it quite a natty phone and very usable – so what about the E63 then?

The first things that I noticed was the downsizing of the camera from 3.2 to 2.0 mp and the lack of HSDPA.

I loved the metal and thinness of the E71 but the E63 does feel good to hold albeit a little plasticky and will be more noticeable in your jacket pocket.

Now I’ve had a fiddle around with it I’ve warmed to it a little.


That camera is no big deal, heck – I own an iPhone so how can I gripe about the E63’s snapper? It works as expected, there’s not really anything more I can say about it apart from did they really have to remove 1.2mp? I’m sure that noone is really going to notice the difference though.

Other than that I am very happy to say that Nok have kept that rather spanky keyboard that I loved on the E71 and the blower comes with that ever important 3.5mm jack for your choice of ear-pleasers.  🙂

You also get to keep the long-lasting battery of the E71, a nice, clear, large screen and WiFi.

I’ve been told that there is a considerable price saving tween the E71 and E63 which, I reckon, will soften the blow of packing 3 more millimeters of thickness and 1.2 mp less of camera power.

My E63 has come prepacked with some extra apps as well:

  • Advanced Call Manager – With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists, The application lets you set different actions for the groups you have defined – you can accept, reject, divert calls, send personalized SMS, etc
    • More information here: http://download.nokia.com/productdetails.action?metaid=59&folderid=1
  • SkyeQuiKey – allows you to quickly find and action Contacts, Applications, Bookmarks etc using direct key presses from your device idle screen – A neat little application that lets you personalise your handset to the extreme
    • More information here: http://download.nokia.com/productdetails.action?metaid=61&folderid=2
  • We:offset – This application helps you off set the CO2 emissions of essential journeys. Basically helping you use mobile technology to do your bit for the environment.
  • If I was in the market for a QWERTY packing phone I’d definitely consider a Nokia – whether the E63 has enough toys for me I’m not sure. If I had the choice of which work-phone I could have I think I’d be more than pleased to be handed an E63 – I might even cheer!