Hands-on with Honor’s wearable with no name or buttons

Honor band wearable wristAs everyone was still trying to take in all the things they’ve just seen and heard about the Honor 7 smartphone during its European launch show, Huawei also revealed that it will be introducing the first Honor-branded wearable smart band at the end of the year.

With a preamble about how pure and beautiful Finland is… Thorsten Doehlert showed off the new Honor wearable as a cheeky nod to Apple’s “One more thing” keynote.

With a choice of three colours and a neat diamond-patterend strap what else can this new wearable do?

honor wearable band launchThe iOS and Android-compatible device is about as clean as you get a wearable – it has no buttons. It doesn’t even have a name!

honor smart band posterThe smartwatch’s smooth, pebble shaped design sits nicely on the wrist, and its jet-black panel does a great job of masking its square display. Honor didn’t mention what type of screen technology it uses but, chatting with others at the launch, consensus seems to be that it’s probably a P-OLED panel similar to that found on Huawei’s TalkBand.

honor band wearable stepcountThe Band can track the basics including your steps, calories burned and sleep, plus it will vibrate on your arm to let you know you’re getting a call.

honor wearable band functionsThe button-free Honor band features a 1.06-inch circular full-screen display, a G-sensor to track exercise or sporting activities and with its IP68 rating is waterproof up to 10 metres.

honor band backHonor claims you’ll get three days of battery life from the black and white display.

honor wearable band nameHonor do actually want a name for its new creation and has launched a global competition for consumers to come up with a name for the product. The winner will receive every Honor product released over the next five years as well as a trip to China to celebrate with the team. Now, that’s a prize worth winning!

honor band wearable rangeThe Honor Band will be available in three colours, black, white and khaki from Q4 2015 for just £59.