Halo Intersceptor – “Four Seater USB Stick” for Bond and Batman

Having a futuristic car is one thing and having a flying car is another.

How about a car that can be a plane, helicopter, speedboat and all round James Bond-meets-Batman kinds of awesome?

Say “Hello”, or rather Halo, to the Halo Intersceptor!

The very cool Halo Intersceptor is the brainchild of British designer Philip Pauley.

The quick change act isn’t by a Go-go-Gadget switch that activates wings and rotars, etc – that would be silly! The car part (which has a hint of Veyron round the rear if you ask me) slips into jackets – or chassis if you’d prefer.

The concept features gull-wing doors, a top speed of a 311mph, can do the 0-62mph dash in 2.3 seconds and has a range of 700 miles. The vehicle comes with base component i.e. car cockpit which the press materials describe as “a four seater USB stick that is designed to outperform any other private vehicle on earth.”

From the cockpit, the occupant can throw one of the three Halo attachments: Halo 120, Halo 46 and Halo 22. Wherein Halo 120 converts the vehicle into a little private jet that can climb 25,890 feet a minute, Halo 46 is a helicopter with a seating capacity for four and Halo 22 is a 36-foot-long powerboat with a race-bred double hull and an engine you can throttle up to 63 knots.

This should see you through any eventuality that could possibly occur on the daily commute!

Watch the amazing video below there’s more pics here 🙂

I still think this is an awesome design – please MAKE THIS!

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