Half of Everyone in the UK is on Facebook Including GadgetyNews!

If you’re a Facebook user in the UK then you have access to half the people in the UK – as well as short updates and interesting Gadgety vid-clips from GadgetyNews!

This was the proud statement given at a London-based media conference by Vice President of Facebook Europe, Joanna Shields:

“We can announce to day that we have reached 30 million in the UK, which we are really excited about.”

This is yet another milestone in the history of the social network favourite. In January 2009 Facebook announced its 150 millionth user, then its 500 million global user last summer.

The last UK figures were recorded July 2010 which showed there being 26 million UK-based Facebook updaters – this means that more than 4 million additional UK residents have signed up to Facebook in the last eight months.

Shields went on to describe the average Facebook user. Apparently the average FB member has 130 friends and shares links to media sites with these friends on a regular basis.

A recent study adds to these facts that the average user generates 90 pieces of unique content per month, with half of the Facebook following logging on to the site every day. In a typical month the global Facebook community will log a reported 700 billion minutes of time on the social media outlet, a figure that would take a single individual 1.3 million years to accumulate!

Joanna Sheilds states that this audience should also be capitalised upon:

“Media companies which take advantage of that are really seeing the benefits.”

Facebook certainly has come a long way since its Harvard early days back in 2004 hasn’t it?

So are you above or below average in the Facebook user stakes?

Do you use Facebook to promote your business, blog or band?

Let me know below 🙂