Groov-e Fusion Bluetooth headphones review

Groov-e Fusion headphones


Build quality




Ease of use


Sound quality





  • Lightweight
  • Folding design
  • Comfortable
  • Cabled/Wireless option
  • Decent battery life


  • Mids too scooped
  • Feel a little cheap

groov-e fusion headphones reviewThe Groov-e Fusion are a set of inexpensive wireless headphones which can also be used with a cable. Do they bring together the best of both worlds though?

Chances are, Bluetooth headphones are going to become even more popular very soon if Apple does indeed remove the headphone port from their fruity phones.

The Cupertino company have been threatening to do away with the headphone port in their iPhone products for a while now. This will further enhance their ability to make wafer-thin phones (do we actually want that?).

Bluetooth has improved over the years and more-and-more manufacturers are offering wireless products.

Groov-e is a brand who offers a variety of products at really good prices. I have been using a pair of their Fusion headphones on my commute for the past couple of weeks.

Let’s see if they’re any good.

Groov-e Fusion design

Peering the window of the Fusion’s box I liked the look of these on-ear cans.

They were plain looking, but in that classsy, understated kind of way.

Getting them out of the box and holding them in my hand, my first reaction was at how plastic-y they felt.

I know a lot of headphones are constructed from plastic but if I was to hold, say, the Astro A40 TR in one hand and the Groov-e Fusion in the other you would be able to tell that there’s a world of difference between these headsets.

The Fusion are light, which is good, but they don’t have that reassuring solidity that whispers quality.

I have been sent the set in silver and, as I have already said, they do look pretty good.

groov-e fusion controls twistPretty much everything happens on the edge of the left-side earpiece. Here you’ll find the volume controls which, if just tapped, will also skip tracks.

You’ll also find there your Micro USB charging port, the cable port for wired connections, and a microphone for handsfree skills.

There is a good amount of padding on both the cans and on the underside of the head band.

The band itself is plenty flexible and I can imagine it being able to get over even the largest of craniums.groov-e fusion foldedOn the face of the left earcup is the power button. This is slightly bowled and easy to locate. This button can also stop and start tracks.

The cans can twist and fold inwards, so the whole thing can be stored and carried around quite flat. This makes them ideal travel partners.

Groov-e Fusion performance

Getting the Fusion paired with my smartphone was a simple operation and I was soon good to go.

I have used the Fusion at least twice a day on my commutes to and from work, as well as using them with my tablet during lunch breaks.

groov-e fusion earcupsThe 40mm drivers do an ok job, both via BT and the included stereo cable.

I wasn’t expecting audiophile quality from these but there was a huge emphasis on bass.

On electronic/dance tracks the level of deep, resonating bass was almost overpowering. The treble is there, but to a lesser degree. This is what some makers would class as an ‘exciting’ sound.

The unfortunate side-effect of this is that the mids are so recessed in the reproduction that, at some points, some of the music is missing.

groov-e fusion contrastThe main vocal track of Type O Negative’s cover of ‘Cinnamon Girl’ actually disappears. Great if you were wanting a karaoke version, not so good for listening.

There were other tracks too which sounded like someone had unplugged one of the speakers.

It’s not all bad news though, Tesla’s ‘Modern Day Cowboy’ helped me through the journey to work.

Podcasts and audio books were nicely handled too.

Battery life is around the 12 hour mark which got me through a week’s worth of listening before needing a power boost.

Groov-e Fusion headphone review conclusion

These lightweight on-ear headphones will suit some listeners, depending on music choice. I like that they are able to work as Bluetooth or cabled cans.

I generally favour wireless headphones when traveling, especially on the London Underground. Cables can so easily get you in a tangle with your fellow commuters.

As I have an extremely broad range of genres I like to listen to, I need a more versatile set of headphones.

The price of the Groov-e Fusion is right, they are comfortable and flexible. It’s just a shame they’re tuned a little too specifically.

Groov-e Fusion price and availability

You can grab the Groov-e Fusion in silver, black or gold right now for a RRP of £34.99. has them for £25 at the time of this review going out.