Griffin Survivor Play case for Apple TV Siri remote

apple tv siri remote silicone caseGriffin make plenty many funky cases for a range smart devices, I had a good long chat about them at their booth at IFA. What I didn’t expect today was information regarding a case for a TV remote control.

You know when you’re at home looking over all the wondrously accessorised bits and bobs about the place, have you ever looked at your telly remote and thought “that could do with some protection, perhaps a natty case”?

Well, someone at Griffin obviously did and the resulting product is the Survivor Play for Siri Remote.

This will protect your Apple TV’s new touch control remote from damage should you have an extremely high coffee table or get frustrated when attempting to play a game using it.

The design features extra thick grips on the back of the case” so your sweaty, slippery remote won’t go flying across the room, unless you meant it to.

The case is priced at $19.99 (around £14) and will available to be shipped to the UK from this Autumn.