Griffin reveals new Twenty digital audio amp at CES 2015

griffin twenty 20 ampGriffin has unveiled a new digital audio amplifier at CES 2015, the Griffin Twenty, which comes with Bluetooth and will work with your iOS or Android device.

The Griffin Twenty amplifier offers 20 watts per channel (hence its name) and will sport a rather natty looking weighted aluminum knob. It will connect to your existing speakers and will feature Bluetooth support. The Twenty will also come with an included TOSLINK cable that will allow it to connect to optical devices, or a device such as Apple’s AirPort Express and the Apple TV.

It will come with built-in streaming codecs (AAC and aptX) and will also be able to connect to an existing subwoofer.

Andrew Biddle, Audio Category Manager at Griffin Technology, states that:

Owners of the first generation Twenty raved about how it revolutionized the way they listen to music in the home and office… Bluetooth integration in the new Twenty has allowed us to broaden this experience and offer high quality wireless audio to both Android and iOS users.”

Twenty also connects direct to your computer, tuner, home theater, turntable, or other audio source. So, whether you’re streaming from your phone, gaming, or watching a movie, Twenty promises to deliver great sounding Bluetooth and digital audio – according to Griffin.

It certainly looks nice but the proof of the boasts will always be in an ears-on test.