Gresso Mobile Phones – Even More Exclusive with Boutique Design

Gresso is perhaps not the first name that springs to mind when asked to name a mobile phone maker.

That’s probably because you don’t own a pad in Monaco, own a Formula 1 racing team or your own island.

Gresso’s expensive handsets can now be custom designed by the customers.

Gresso is bragging that the ‘Boutique’ is the first of its kind to be offered by a mobile manufacturer.

Their unique online option offers 40 options to choose from. These luxury options includes three types of titanium cases, two kinds of key pads and a choice of five exotic leather skins for back panel.

The client’s initials will be engraved to ensure ultimate exclusivity.

A deep breath and equally deep pockets are requires: Prices kick-off at $2200.

Once you’ve designed your phone and hit the button it’s constructed in Switzerland and be delivered to your door in two weeks.

Click here and give it a go 😉

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