Green Peak’s Everlasting Remote Will Zap Through Walls!

greenpeak-remoteEco-greendom is most people’s watch-word these days – tele’s, hi-fi’s, puters and gaming all aiming to be greener.

One thing that tends to get overlooked is how much your remote controls are used when channel hopping and selecting those righteous tracks for some mood music or party-party-time!

Not so, for those tree-lovers: GreenPeak.

Don’t switch off though! GP’s battery-saving remote control tech is astounding.

Using RF signals instead of infra-red, GreenPeak’s remote controls are powered by a standard watch battery that’ll never need replacing!  So this could cut the 8 billion dead remote control AA and AAA batteries that are tossed into to landfills, etc each year

And the bestest news of all is that GreenPeak isn’t keeping the technology to itself.

Not only does this technology enable better remote controls – they’ll work through walls up to nearly a hundred feet away  – Hmmm, I can see channels being changed next door or as you walk to the pub…..

It has released a reference design, which other manufacturers can tweak to suit their own products.

“RF remote controls equipped with GreenPeak’s communication controller can be made maintenance free,” the company explained. “A single watch type battery can outlast the life time of the remote.”

For those companies that would rather stick to using the battery hungry infra-red GreenPeak also has a “combo” remote, which includes infra-red alongside RF controls.

The third design includes the provision for companies to add touchscreens on the remote itself for “high speed content browsing, gaming, as well as high resolution displays.”

Great idea – I hope that other folk pick up on this.