Green Apples – Solar Powered iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone already seems to have the sun shining from out of its behind but in order to get the green vote it may look to solar sensibilities.

Apple has filed a patent for a new kind of solar-charging system which it aims to add to iPhones, iPads and MacBooks in the near future.

There are already solar sucking cell phones out there, such as the Sagem Puma, but with Apple on-board it would probably start a serious smartphone trend if the touchscreen and tablet markets are anything to go by. Just imagine if this new tech was bolted on to the iPhone 5 to be released in June?

The patent is all about the way of charging the rechargeable batteries found in portable phones, laptops and tablets, using a new power control circuit situated between the sun-slurping cell and the device’s battery that enables a steady release of the leeched power.

Let’s face it – most people poke fun at the iPhone’s battery as it tends to fade quite too rapidly under heavy use. It seems that green Apples may be the way forward.

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